Dining Contact Information: diningmanagement@ferris.edu

We are currently searching for our next Nutritionist to serve our campus, but our Dining Director, Rebecca Bogardus, is available to answer questions about allergens and dietary concerns.

Dining Director Information:

Rebecca Bogardus

Phone: (231) 591-3754

Email: RebeccaBogardus@ferris.edu

Nutrition Services Site

Information about allergies, nutrition services and the Monthly Nutrition Newsletter

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Menu is subject to change. Every effort is made by the FSU Dining Services Team to accurately maintain allergen labels for all food products however, manufacturers may change ingredients, allergen lists or preparation methods without our knowledge. Please be aware that despite our best efforts, all food prepared in the kitchen has the potential for cross-contact with other allergens. Last minute menu alterations or chef’s additions may be made in house, and this may not be reflected in the online menus. We strongly encourage asking the kitchen staff at point of service for assistance in identifying any potential allergens that may be present in the food selections. Customers with life-threatening food allergies who need an Epi-Pen, should always be carrying their own.